Infectious Disease Case Conferences

Clinical Director: Dr. Norman Beatty, MD, FACP, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine, College of Medicine

Basic Science Director: Dr. Nadeem Khan, PhD, Associate Professor of Oral Biology, College of Dentistry

The Infectious Disease Case Conference is a monthly meeting designed to examine and integrate both the clinical and basic science elements of infectious disease in a practical format. The term “case-conference” does not really describe this interactive and unique experience.  The conference is hosted by the Division of Infectious Disease in the Department of Medicine and attended by clinical faculty and fellows along with infectious disease basic scientists. The case conference follows a three-part format:

  1. A clinical presentation of a recent case that was seen at UF Health/Shands Hospital, the teaching hospital associated with the UF College of Medicine, made by a clinical fellow.
  2. A differential diagnosis that is carried out by the ID house staff and the clinical trainees that ends with the identity of the pathogen being unveiled.
  3. A basic science presentation made by one of our Fellows, focusing on recent work on the microorganism that highlights the power of basic science in infectious diseases.

This case conference has existed for over 20 years. Over time, it has developed into an enormously rich and important feature of the training program. The discussions are open and lively, they involve a candid and insightful exchange between clinical and basic scientists, and they are invariably eye-openers for all involved, in particular because of the exchange of clinical and basic science perspectives.

Reovirus replication factories in green and microtubules in red (Boulant Lab)
Reovirus replication factories in green and microtubules in red (Boulant Lab)

Sampling of cases presented:

  1. Two cases of Cryptococcus in the clinics presenting with unique fungal morphology
  2. Viral reactivation-induced colitis in a cardiac transplant patient
  3. Colon cancer associated with microbiome disruption and high abundance of Fusobacterium nucleatum
  4. Kidney stones, UTI, fever, and hip pain after exposure to feral swine, horses, cattle
  5. Drug-resistant malarial infection
  6.  Unusual neurological issues due to Toxocara canis infection related to site of infection near spine
  7. Patient presented with spinal pain and swelling due to undiagnosed rare Salmonella invasion
  8. Severe keratitis/conjunctivitis in a contact lens-wearer